Gmod Gun Game: Need some SWEP authors!


This thing (aka Gun Game Gold aka DarGun Game :v:) was supposed to be a one-day project for one of jimbomcb’s servers where I code a little level-up system, and drop a CS:S gun pack in and call it a fretta gamemode. Unfortunately every CS:S pack I could find on was pretty shitty, everything had XTREME(ly buggy) iron sights and damage/recoil set to MAXIMUMMMMM, and weren’t really designed with multiplayer in mind. If anyone can help make a bunch of SWEPs that match the attributes of Counterstrike guns that’d be awesome.

Also, the gamemode has an option to change the weapon tiers from Counterstrike guns to something else, and I’m thinking of making a ‘silly’ or at least more interesting series of weapons. If you have a SWEP you’d like to donate that works in multiplayer that I can adjust to be DM balanced, that would help too

I was gonna put this in requests but decided I’ll use this as a thread for my progress on the gamemode itself

I will do this for you

To be honest, I really dont think we need another one of these.

Kill people with 50 diffrent weapons as you gain a New weapon and lose the other as you keep killing.

And sooner or later you end up with an almost impossible to kill anyone with weapon.

And just a note, I think my css pack was probly the only pack dedicated to CSS and multiplayer functionality IE: Uses usermessages, Uses proper accuracy mechanics, Uses its own base, doesnt use any fpsbanana models.

If you’ve got a pack that does that then I probably haven’t seen it yet

Was up for a while, then taken down.

I still have it in my old addons folder.

I’m down.
Add me on steam, I have a bunch of weapons good to go already.

Night-Eagle makes really well balanced SWEPs. The ones from his GeoForts gamemode were some of the best I’d ever seen in multiplayer. I think he released them all as a separate addon, but I don’t recall the name of it.

I made the closest replication the GMod community has to Counter-Strike: Source weapons. Unfortunately, they’re still not 1:1 perfect. HUD included, and all of that. I basically pride myself on it, even though the addon wasn’t completed.

These are all shots taken in GMod.

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They also use the same damage and everything CS:S uses, they derive from the same weapon scripts CS:S uses. The only exception here is weapon spread (CS:S has a very specific way of calculating bullet spread along with viewpunches on every shot, these things I haven’t tried replicating), and other small details that are nearly unnoticeable or I don’t know of personally.

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I wish more people knew about it, but I do other neat things I think that other people don’t remember either.

Where your crosshair mister perfect? :3:

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Anyway, Andrew’s are really the closest you’ll get to realistic, however I don’t know if he intends on finishing them, though he did mention to me he’d like to begin working on them again. I’m planning on writing CS:S weapon clones as realistically as possible for Jailbreak, so when they’re finished, if you like them I’d be happy to share :smile:

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These don’t work, looks like you didn’t include a utility function GetScriptPath() and some other weapon uses a base that doesn’t exist

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whos andrew

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Add me on steam

amcwatters = Andrew McWatters

You need his swep_bases to make those fully working.

amcwatters aka Andrew Mc Watters,he is the “andrew”

God damnit grease. :ninja:

Those weapons use a framework I wrote, but I can remove the dependency. I’m working on the weapons as we speak.

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Hi Dargon.

Interesting. What do you mean very specific way of calculating spread? You’re saying the process is different then normal HL2MP? How so.

Why do you even bother posting?

Ah, finally! A gun game in Garry’s Mod. I’m excited to see how well this goes :v: