Gmod GxH

Hey all, I am working on a new installer for Gmods not a SVN or anthing like that but for people
that get mods off the net that not aways explane how to install them right.

Gmod GxH is a freeware not opensource software that will enable the user to install .npc, .addons and . gmx
file formats that will be set in place by me self and my team.

We already have the npc format working the only mod we have done so far is a Battle Droid that was made
by someone else “Alien Ware 79” made it and it was hexed by ForFun08.

We like to ask your help to maybe change the format names to something better and also test it.
we would like to ask anyone help and if they have a system for port and url checking how things are
running we invite you also to test so people know what we don’t in anyway request details off there

U will add a screen shot to the site so you can see what we have so far.

This is Beta version 0.1
Download here

This file is still to be looked at by the sites team to say its safe i hope they give it the all clear,
if your a modder please contact me so i can make a mod relace for the site as i don’t want to releace someone else work.

If u are forfun08 or alien ware 79 please can i relaece your mod? thank



Cool. If you want some help or project hosting let me know.

Hey there :slight_smile: sound good do you make mods or just host? if we get people wanting this then sure i love
some help with hosting her as my net and money is wee bit bad at the mo and i am the one that pays for
GxH’s bills lol.


Yeah this looks neat.


Well if you need people to help i’d give a hand with some stuff if you need any help :slight_smile:

Just a little update on my post about the program:


First time users can be asked to save there user ID so the user does not have to point it to there account
files every time its run.

It installs to the garrysmod root or garrysmod addons folder without wondering if you put it in the right

Becuase everyone zips eveything up the npc formats are that little smaller when downloading them as
most hosts like wants them in .zip this means its one zip file 1 .npc or addons file to install.

Question [ES] asked me before they moved to a SVN installer will we have to install it and then it downloads it from the web simple reply to that NO you know why lol cos eveything is in the npc files
that is needed or addons or gmx files there mini packet with all the needed data.

Why releace to eveyone?

AS i had to make a mod installer for a game i got the game 5.90 you can’t go wrong as i been a valve
member for sometime i already had the source engin.

So when i was droped for a SVN installer over my installer i sat down and looked at it and spent 2 long days refining it and coming up with a new look and better way to install and here have it with this releace.


I hope you lot will like it i don’t know how to skin NPC’s or make addons just yet but i have planes to that will be able to come with this also in the future :smiley:


We are needing none releaced mods for garrys mod so we can make convert them to are program so people have something to test it with.

So if you are a moder them please email me or pm me with your ideas we will support you if u suppor us lol.



Hey .badmin are u a modder?

I don’t really mod gmod, but I do code, so I could help with the program. As for hosting we’ll have to talk about it in private, I could host it but I initially offering project hosting (bug trackers, source control, etc.).

The hosting would be for the project, source control? what do you mean? @ the moment this software is
closed source as i had to pay for the framework but help indeed will become needed is coding a online
option in future and other things like this.

Also bug reporting was left out part from the simple errors to the user as i want to be able to set it so it
will report it to the user and then ask if you want to send it to GxH but this project only as me and one other
GxH member on this.

i hope i can get some content for the software so i am note reposting on garrysmod .

I can do the basics of everything

Do you think you could make a simple NPC? or addon so we can have a addon for people to test with ?
this would be great?

Gxh your grammar and spelling is terrible. I have had a hard time reading your posts, so it is a bitch to figure out what you are saying. But more on-topic. As nice as this is, why (well from the looks of it) did you chose to make this use a file format that nobody has addons in already? Why not just decompress a .zip and install instead of faffing around with custom filetypes.

Many people i know whom use Gmod get mods and many don’t come with a read me the format is just
a compressed format so it makes them that little smaller and the installer is able to include config files that
gmod its self does not need thats all.

Yes sorry for spellings and grammar i am dislexic, the formats are going to be so its more simple for
a user to know whats in that file EG npc will mostly be used for a NPC in the game Addons is for more
tools and other things like that and gmx will be packets what have many themes, maps and so on.

I am looking to change it to all one format but it wont be zip it will be a custom one that go’s with the program.

If you have a idea for a name for the ex please have your word :smiley:

GxH Team

Yeah sure i could make npcs or sweps if you want they’re easy.

Yes please anything that you think is good would be great and you will be credited for making it :slight_smile:
I don’t know if this would be possable but if i made a NPC could u have the skin having GxH name badge lol

Thanks for your kindness i am new here and i feel like the members here are good mo matter what even
people that find me hard to read give it a shot anyway and i say thanks to you all.

GxH Team

Pm me with youre steam i.d name i want to talk to you in private.

I am lost ? what have i said now? i never said anything wrong but thanks ?
the teams steam ID is proxypeople i wont be giving my personal one out ever
but this one is set up for GxH i can go on that now tho.

but sorry if my thanks came across wrong :s

Its ok , ill add you now.


added you

Thanks for all the help .badmin 10 ++

Just something i am also looking in to would modders that might use this installer for there mods would
they like it so there mods are encryped so others can’t just download and edit the mod and pass it on
cos i have seen many people do this without even testing the mods?

Yes i agree this wont stop eveyone but it will be another wall for them to get around.
wat are people thoughts on this.

Once again sorry for any problems with reading my posts

GxH Team.

Uh. Forget my hosting offer, I would not be able to work with you.

Well i am designing a new admin only ent that fishes people out of water, i guess you can use that for youre project.

Not sure why you say you can’t work with myself or the GxH team but thanks for the first offer in the
first place and no hard feelings :slight_smile: we are here for the love for garrys mod.

GxH Team


That sounds like a really good function is it s stand alone admin contral or dose it plug in to like ASS_Menu?
Got me really intrested on what is will be like :smiley:

GxH Team