Gmod hacker?

I went on a server, along with my friend.
I mass rdmed, so did he. Then i got joined and my game randomly frooze (no i didnt get banned or kicked) and then for my friend his gmail popped up on his screen with all hes mails deleted and the browser said “Get rekt” wtf? How is that even possible?

Did you try turning it on and off again?

@BigBadWilly Perhaps kicking it a few times will help.

nah, destroying it with a sledgehammer helps too.

This should be moved to the fast threds

It’s a Gmod related issue so no

I’m not gonna lie, he did Get Rekt.

I’ve seen you do this before, you 100% deserve this. Personally i would have wrote files to make sure you couldn’t play the game again, seen as you are ruining the other players experience why should you be allowed to play?

because he bought the game?

then he can play single player and stay off online servers, just because you own a game doesn’t mean you have the right to play the game online

buying a game gives you the right to play it online. and even if it didn’t, who decides that they can play online?
stupid comment

Taking the bait this hard

I like this thread.

stupid response, i will list a few “entities” who decide who gets to play online

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If you were to break the TOS in any other game you would lose your right to play the game.
Just because garrysmod does not have a system in place (besides banning a few aimbot hacks with vac) does not mean there shouldn’t be

Granted the use of this attack on this user for RDMING is unethical. a simple game crash and ban from the server is all that was needed
And changing a user’s files on their computer without their permission is unethical as well