Hello here are some screenshots of me and and my moused moved alot and there are weird thing happening and they said i was hacked by

and my mouse sensitivity was spazzing around like some kind of exploit or something.

so leave that server and don’t go back?

they make me join the server surpisingly when i load in on gmod

And the award for the most incomprehensible sentence of the year goes to…

Did this happen to a server of yours? Is it some malicious server run by Does it persist between servers?

If it’s not something that affects you in the long run I’d ignore it. These people are known shitlords and you’d do best to avoid giving them any attention.

but if you don’t give them attention they’ll dox you using leakedsource!!

I don’t know how they could force your game to join other servers while you’re at the menu without some exploit to work around the file.Write limitations. This is we’re talking about, the best they have is what real programmers have given them, and I hope none of them gave an exploit that big.

lol I’ve checked leakedsource, the only info of me on there is my account of MPGH. There’re far other better databases, in the darknet. Wich can actually grab information just by your steamid, belive me, I’ve seen it.

Aka dont be scared of a few random skids, leakedsource aint that good.


Who cares seem to care about it. They’re a very proud group!

“cheater team”

That sounds extremely professional and unique

ye i had a friend check all of leakedsource after “big mean serverwatch” threatened to “drop my info” he checked everywhere and the only info I had leaked was my email on paypal (which u can find on SF) and 4 year old passwords that are changed, one of them i forgot about years ago :v.

i alerted the staff on the server so this thread can be closed now.