Gmod Hangs after loading screen!

I recently got Gmod on a vista PC, (not sure of specs) but anywho, it ran fine on it and all. i just got the internet on MY computer (the vista PC wasent mine) and i updated everything and decided i would put Gmod on here. it downloaded fine and seems to start fine. But when it first starts up, the little load bar at the bottom will get to about 90% done and then i get a black screen (not like the black is being rendered, its black as if i turned it off) ctrl+alt+del doesent register, esc. doesent do anything, the only way to get the computer to respond is a hard reset. Please can someone tell me what is wrong?

OS: XP SP3 Build 2600 (up to date)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce4 MX 4000
CPU: AMD Atholon XP 2600+ @2.08GHZ
Moniter: E-Machines e19t6w

if you need further specs let me know…PLZ HELP!

you just need to wait
it takes a shitload of time to load up the first time. Double click the thing let it get to the loading screen then go outside and do something for about an hour or so.

Thank you, i started it up and waited about an hour and it started, and the hang has stoped, thank you. I was about ready to tell off steam cuz i thought the game wasent downloading properly.

Your CPU kinda suck tbh, and your graphics card really fails…