Gmod hangs on load.

Hey I just installed gmod on my new notebook and it starts and hangs at the blurred load screen, I don’t even get as far as the blue load bar.

specs are more than enough
P8700 2.53Ghz dual core
4gb ram
1gb video HD 4650

Ive tried deleting the garrysmod folder and starting again but no dice.

Other source games work fine though, I can play portal and HL2 easily.

Help? :3:


Don’t worry guys, turns out it was having a fit because I wasn’t starting it at the native res of my notebook (an obscure 1366 x 768).

Maybe this can help someone else sometime, all I did was change the launch parameters to “- width 1366 -height 768”

Thanks this helped me for both Garrysmod and Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta,

(running on Full HD res 1920x1080)