GMod hangs on "Sending Client Info", clean install.

As the title says, I did a little searching beforehand and found people were having problems with Wiremod and PHX3 but a clean install shouldn’t do this, right?

Verified game cache, defragged, redownloaded GMod, nothing.

I usually run GMod with PHX3 and SVN Wiremod, along with SmartSnap and Weight stool in case this helps.

Specs (copy pasta from Speccy):

Any ideas?


Just an addition, the “Retrieving Server Info” phase takes a lot longer than usual.

I’m sure you know this BUT… For every file in the addon folder Gmod takes longer to connect to severs. But as for “GMod hangs on “Sending Client Info”, clean install.” bit, now when you say a clean install, did you go to
?:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<user name>\garrysmod and delete EVERYTHING, flies, folders everything? If not, try that… If you did… Reformat your OS? If you tried that… Sorry :frowning: GOOD LUCK!

Yup, stopped short of wiping my computer for a game though. Ironically, I’m thinking of upgrading to W7 for Just Cause 2 so I’ll go for reformat then. It shouldn’t be that way especially when GMod has been running fine on my current rig since I got it, but thanks for the input. :smile:

IF it helps any I’ve had nothing but problems since the lastest update =\ THANKS GARRY! T_T

And No problem :smiley: Good luck with W7

TY, although I’m not planning on doing that for a while and I’d love to play GMod in the meantime, let’s hope whatever’s causing this gets fixed. If anyone has any ideas or needs more info I’d be glad to help.