GMod Harlem Shake Parody...

Sorry about the lag, it doesn’t like all the AI on the SCars at once. Credits to TheDanishMaster for the SCars addon.

This isn’t a parody. It’s just harlem shake with cars.

harlem shake was cool in 2012

oh wait, it was never cool

how do you parody harlem shake

There was literally no effort
15 second intro with a still image + dubstep
And why is this called “GMOD Harlem shake” when its a bunch of cars?

What’s up with that motion blur?

like harlem shake vids ever take any effort


Whats with the horrible intro?

  • 15 seconds of ear rape

i seriously cannot tell if this is a joke or not

i mean you somehow managed to get a harlem shake video wrong

a harlem shake video

haha *le funny meymey videyo. XD