Gmod have issues on Mac

When does the crashing started happen

Before, I was playing Gmod on my mac and I never crashed, it worked perfectly at 250 fps. Then, the Gmod 13 update arrived and everything fucked up.

When does the crashes happen, what happen and why

When : Crashes usually happen when I’m joingning too big server with alot of addons.

What happen : The game close and there’s a little window appears saying “hl2_osx quit unexpectedly”

Why : Idk why those crashes happen but its so annoying im limited to a little amount of server.

Other things not working with Gmod on mac

1. When you’r on server list from a certain gamemode, when pressing refresh server list, it won’t refresh.

2. When typing in the search bar, you can’t delete what you righted and when you backout from the server list and come back, there’s no server anymore in the gamemode you typed in the search bar. And you have to restart the game
Exemple : I go in murder gamemode, type in custom murder, I can’t erase so i backout to the game mode menu and then click back on murder but the custom murder is still in the search bar and there’s no server, I have to restart my game

Am I the only one with these issues?

No I’m not. I’ve searched on many forums and everybody seems to have these issues since Gmod 13 on mac. I asked question and a lot of mac user have these issues.

If you need more info just tell me, i’ll make sure to get them as quickly as possible