GMod Heavy

Used the GMod lamp and posed Heavy to look like he’s ready to shoot!

If anyone wants it as a background (Not recommended with a screen resolution over 1024x768), can download it here:

Thanks to “grog guy” for that :smiley:
Just put it in garrysmod/garrysmod folder :3

I can get that into a bg for you

Thanks :smiley:
Got it. Just put in second garrysmod folder.

Thank you so much :3


Added you to OP :smiley:

You should redo that with anti aliasing up. Some very heavy [no pun intended] jagged lines around Heavy.

stp picin on him he tyd is best U R A RETARD!11

Yeah, but can’t turn it on :frowning:

The only option in the menu is “None” :frowning: