Gmod Help Computer restarts.

hey fellow gmod players, this problem have bothered me for alot of time (sry my bad english) ok. when i run gmod it takes 10 secs for it to load. when its done loading my pc restarts saying there is a system error. heres my laptop specs plz help i dont know what to do!
processor: Intel® core ™2 Duo CPU T5470 @ 1.60GHz (2 CPUs)
memory: 3064mb ram
and i have directx 9.0c and its a HP Compaq 6720s plz help!

1.6Ghz is a bit low.

so do i need a new prosessor?

Could we have your graphics card specs, and if you see the error, grab a pen and paper and write some of it down for us. Not all the hex like 0fX386f3 but the actual words.

He’s got a laptop. He cant change anything.

Update your video card drivers. Check on HP’s website.

This is his video. Integrated obviously.

it goes away in like under 2 sec. but i shall try soon

had same problem. The cause is that your laptop overloads or overheats or there’s a problem with some part because I still have that laptop and it still does that. So that’s the problem get a better laptop like I did and its all fine now but is not my chose. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

herfes a video. or look up by seaching Overalllegal2010

Disable Automatic restart on system failure, and tell us what the given errors are in the BSOD.

Why are people thinking HP laptop can run gmod? THEY ARE FOR OFFICE WORK MOSTL.Y

timmy didnt ask of ur apeniun. ok so b1nary how do i do it axactly?

I’m on a HP compaq. It runs perfectly fine with its 2GB ram, (came with 7300 LE) 9800T (upgrade) and 2.59GHz duel core processor.

can this help ? 0x0000008e (0x8000000, 0x806ebad ? those numbers show

Does this happen in other games? Particularly HL2, if you have it.

i can play css with no pc crashes

But he has an Dual Core.

I have an Hp Pavilion, and can run EP2 Games just fine. Gtfo this thread.