GMod Help w/ HL2 DM

My friend Tom asked me, and I do know its possible, how he could play Garry’s Mod with Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. I told him to just insert it into his SourceMods folder and it should be playable, but after a phone-call he told me that it wasnt appearing on his Steam games list. I know its possible to play with just HL2: DM as long as you have the proper GCFs, which he apparently does from what he’s shown me.

Please note he has the HL2 GCF files, but not the game. He has HL2: DM, and he inserted a copy of Garrys Mod 9 into his Sourcemods folder, but it isnt appearing on his Games list. I think he needs to make a shortcut, but neither of us are 100% sure about how to do such a thing. Any help would be appreciated.

Tell Tom to get GMod 10.

Any other way? He’s actually trying his best to avoid spending money.

For Gmod 9 to work you need

He has the GCF files for HL2, because he had it at one time. He has the HL2 files, the source model/material/etc files. I think its just a shortcut that he needs.

[Also the CS:S stuff]

He needs all the games I mentioned earlier and he has to have run them atleast once

But I’m somewhat sure those are only for mounting ALL of the props and such. If Im not mistaken, you can still use the regular Half-Life 2 props, ragdolls, and et cetera.

Gmod 10 is well worth the 10 dollars

I’m aware, but Tom is not the appropriate age for a credit card, so he’s trying his best to avoid asking his parents for money to get it. I suppose I’ll have to give it to him. It’s not like I dont have a disposable income.

No Gmod 9 need HL2 since it was based on that it needs HL2:DM since it uses the Motd and CS:S As well