Gmod help!

OK so i made a sakura model (from naruto) I compiled it and when i went to gmod to open it, it was a green circle! I dont know what i did wrong! (note this is the first time i ever compiled)

Green circle means it lacks a physics model, and is an effect.

If you can’t see the model, however, there could be several causes. Easiest one to check is scale: open the model in HLMV, see if you can see anything.

I don’t see anything :frowning:

Did you try it in wireframe? It’s possible that for some reason the texture isn’t rendering, but the model itself is still there.

Yeah, it could be using the wrong title part of a .vmt.

Open the VMT and change “LightmappedGeneric” to “VertexLitGeneric”.

As for the green circle as gman003-main said it means you don’t have a collision model: Collision Model Valve Wiki

That was it Silver. Couldn’t remember the map one.