gmod help

Ok so im new to all this gmod stuff so when i download rag dolls iv been told to put them in to the addons folder.
which usually works for some but most of the other character models don’t appear anywhere in gmod
am i doing something wrong?

You should only put certain mods into “Addons” if you see a .txt file called “info” in the same folder as the Materials and Models folder.

So for example, if there’s a folder called “GiganticWorm” and inside of it you find Materials, Models, a Readme, Lua and Info.txt, you put the folder “GiganticWorm” into Addons.

However, if for example you where to download a folder called “HyperRealisticSlug” and inside of it was Materials and Models but nothing else, you need to do something different.

The addons folder is found in the Garrysmod folder. Also in the Garrysmod folder should be some other folders like Lua, scripts, data etc. Amongst these should be Materials and Models.

Simply drag the Materials and models folder from “HyperRealisticSlug” into your Garrysmod folder. It will probably ask if you want to merge the folders. Simply select yes to all, and it should copy across. It won’t overwrite anything, as the files you are copying are likely new.

And that should do it. But be warned, the Addons system is in place to keep things simple and tidy. If you ever decided you no longer wanted a Gigantic worm in you garrysmod, you could just delete the folder from addons, however if you wished to remove the Hyper-realistic slug, you would need to go into the individual folders and delete the content manually, which can be tedious.
An option to avoid this is to make your own Info.txt and put it inside the folder. The best way to do this is to steal one from another addon, then open it with something like Notepad and change some of the information. It’s all fairly self explanatory because everything’s labelled in the file and there’s about 5 lines of stuff.