Gmod Hints


This may sounds dumb, but everytime I join my server people do receive the normal hints from singleplayer. How to disable those?

Thanks anyway

What kind of hints do you mean?

“Hold C to open the Context Menu”
“Hold Q to open the Spawn Menu”
“Right click with the Physicgun to freeze objects”
Kind of

I’m not sure how you’d disable them for everyone but personally, you can press c and there’s a box with various options and one of them is to disable this

Try putting this in lua/autorun/server?

local function HideThings( name )
	if(name == "CHudHintDisplay") then
             return false
        -- We don't return anything here otherwise it will overwrite all other 
        -- HUDShouldDraw hooks.
hook.Add( "HUDShouldDraw", "HideThings", HideThings )

Source (HUD):
Source (Hints):

Thanks, I’ll try it.