Gmod/Hl2 gravity physics settings

Hi guys !

While playtesting I found out that Gravity gun (physcannon), grenade physics and maybe props physics are diffenrent from Hl2 and Hl2 Deathmatch in particular.

In gmod even in the base gamemode and with the same cvars you throw grenade less far than in HL2DM (it seems that they are more affected by gravity)
it is the same with throwing nades/props with the physcannon

that it kinda annoyinh for anyone experienced with “grenade cooking” (throwing nades with the physcannon)

so if anyone know what is the difference between the two games and how to fix them that would be really helpful.

I Also noticed that props held with the physcannon, are held farer from the player in HL2DM than in gmod and that grenades set wooden gibs on fire; if you know about that too.