Gmod honestly runs like crap.

Well of course. Doesn’t it for everyone?

Well more for me. Im unsure why.

Pentium 4, 3.0 GHZ
Nvidida 9600 GSO
2 gigs of ram

Now i know my RAM is a lil’ low, but it has fared fine for so many other games.

Games i can max:
All source games

Now Pentium 4’s are the SUCK, yeah i know. I spend a crapload of time in H&S section of FP.
But the thing is…
Gmod, so i’ve been told, is not multicore functional (cant run on more than one core)
But! BUT! I have friends, who literly have worse specs than me. Pentium D’s clocked lower, and pentium 4’s clocked lower, with worse video cards. The question is, why do they run gmod better than me.
I’m upgrading to a better processor RAM And motherboard soon so this isn’t really a BIG issue, I’m just looking for theories. Thanks for your responses, no matter how stupid or insightful they may be.

How many addons do you have?

don’t blame gmod because of your computer

Ill list them out… Brb…


ADV, Xystus’s black apache SNPC, climbrobe, conna’s, Dans_npcs, DoorStool, Extra NPCS Flareandfireworksgun, Gcombat08, GCX, military models, Model manip., NPC battle cleanup mod. PHX3, S.A.S., Dismemberment mod (getting rid of it, lags like hell), Smartsnap, Stacker, Microwave rifle, VU mod, Weight stool, wiremod, wire models, twitch weapons


Now that i list them out thats quite the bunch…

Low? dude, My old laptop with a Intel Core Duo @2.6 and 512 mb ram with a geforce 5200 fx (first Geforce card ever) ran gmod SMOOTH. If you have too many addons or are on a map with a lot of npc nodes you might slow down. If you have lua errors on boot of any map it can be that the addon that is causing them slows it down.

Im gunna try a “clean” setup of gmod… see how i fare.

Write down what addons you have before you do so you can add them back later! oh, you already did :stuck_out_tongue:




Starting her up


:downs: @ gmod

What it seems to be taking a LONG time…


a VERY long time…


K its up playing in a 800x600 res for intensive purposes

Try verifying the game’s cache by right clicking on it and clicking on Properties > Local Files > And click verify integrity of game cache. I don’t know about fixing in-game lag, but it should speed up start up time.

No even with no addons, on a low res it runs like shit

It doesn’t delete all your addons, it defrags your .gcf files with the Garrysmod content so that they can be accessed by the game faster.
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then it’s obviously your computer.

Hmmm What could be bogging it down THAT much?

Or you have 9001 programs running in the background.

40 processes, says task manger, Commit charge is 751M\3902M (Im playing music in windows media player, if that helps at all.)

Lower the damn graphics then.

There on low.


Besides ive tried them on the whole range, High, Low, AF, AA, No AF, No AA, high res, Low res, HDR, No hdr, ect

Might be your GPU bottlenecking your system

How so?
I thought the system was bottlenecking the GPU