Gmod Hosting Help

Dose anyone know what hosting this it hosted by? really like this hosting but I don’t know what the name of the website is, if you guys do that will help me a lot thanks!

Are you talking about the loading screen?

Yeah but, I want the host name.
Could be that.

(That loading screen is from CoderHire btw)

Connect to the server, disconnect directly after, open up the console and you should see something like this:

I’m sure you can figure out the rest yourself :slight_smile:

So it’s Scrips? Oh I see thanks guys

Wait what?

Just tell me the IP of the server you joined and I’ll find it for you.

The ip is

That what you want?


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Thanks you know the web hosting name?

Web hosting name? Run a on the domain and you’ll find it.

Basically, the website is hosted by Vilayer and the domain is registered by GoDaddy.

Thanks you so much youre a big help!

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Oh I mean like the in game hosting not the web but thx

Just google the server IP and you’ll see that their hosting is NFO.

Fuck man, do you even know what a search engine is?

No. lel

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So how do I edit the


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You don’t edit it.