Gmod Hosting

Where is a good place to get a low lag server to rent? URL’s if possible.

I have heard good things about these guys

Hi everyone.

Server rental people don’t like GMod because it takes up a lot of CPU

The only decent host who does gmod would be e-frag. That other hosting sites are template monsters, wouldn’t dare go with them.

template monsters?

You would be better off getting your own server box and colo’ing it.

E-frag’s servers are shit and laggy.

I use Fatpipe, they’re decent enough.

I’d say buy a mid-spec PC and send it off to a data centre. You don’t have any limits except what you decide!

And the £70 odd a month.

They’re fine, they’re not a fly-by-night company like fatpipe appear to be. Truthfully though, the best option for gmod servers since they like to hardlock is a dedicated machine of your own.

Any tutorials on setting up a ded machine?

Step 1. Build a 1u Server
Step 2. Phone up datacenters
Step 3. Ship the server off and pay about $60 USD/month for bandwith and housing fees

Step 1: Find a dedicated server provider
Step 2: Pay about $90-150/mo for the server

I use sbhostingsolutions for my 10 man dedicated server. It’s 22 dollars a month. sbhostingsolutions

It’s linux, so you have to do what it says on this thread if you want cars to spawn and player animations.

I use
If it is good I give you 2gb of room and maybe a sub domain.
PM me.


Best host

All Servers Feature:
Run on powerful and stable Linux servers.
Servers are in world class data centers which use tier-1 network providers. See the network page for more info.
Easy to use web based game server control panel.
FTP access to your game directory.
All servers are public.
Basic webhosting package included.
Discounted rates for voice servers - $.20 / slot.
No setup fees!

66 tickrate

IP’s to ping/trace

New York:

Garry’s mod = 2$ per slot <- worth it

Gmodcentral and the Noxious servers are using this host

What’s wrong with making your own server?

Well if you want to run a server 24/7 (build server, gamemode server, community et cetera)
this would be great.

Great idea!