Gmod Hotel

MacDGuy has made me change my mind. I want to go on with this project. I am starting back at square one. We are going to get a team. Make some very new ideas. Start coding and then we will do the Facepunch shit to see if people agree. It is still going to be a hotel. I have thought about this a lot last night and thats what I came up with. So the project is going on but we dropped the ideas.


Wait what, this is an exact copy of gmod tower. I doubt this will go far, Though if it does good job.


Gmod Tower has things alike ours. We give them credit, but we are making them way differently. The televisions in the homes are serverside and we aren’t using the game mode server idea.

I doubt this will go far. Gmodtower and all it’s features currently made took 8 months of mapping, coding, and bugfixing. What guarantee do we have that you will have the same resources and such to actually go so far for quality coding and map?


Also: the TV’s are clientside because it takes alot of bandwith to stream 10 tv’s


And the servercosts are 160 euros

Each month

That makes more than 1800 euro’s a year hosting.

We already have 6 servers in which we can use this on. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. As for Coding… We have great coders. LUAduck is from the Gmod Podcast if you didn’t know. He is excellent at coding.


As for the TV’s, we aren’t fully sure we will use the idea yet. It’s on the table.

snip i didnt read thread

I’m not having qualms with the teams comprisement, rather than that the team doesn’t fall apart as this is a long term, heavy investing project which needs alot of free time and talent for it to be competative.

Isn’t this a ‘wip thread with nothing to show’?

This team wouldn’t fall apart because we know each-other fairly well. We have tons of free-time and we use almost all of it to get this Game Mode done.

“Leader/Creator = Propsareawesome”

Yeah, and what are you doing?

“no im the ideas guy”

I am actually helping with the mapping and making the custom textures.

All ideas suggested here are already planned to be implemented into gmodtower, including synchronized TV’s, of which the plugin is down because it isn’t functional decently yet.

I haven’t heard MacDGuy say anything about it. He never said one thing about Racing Cars. synchronized TV’s, or any of that.


What do you mean?


Mapping Position is filled.

Call it GMod Grilled Cheese instead.

I think its slightly harsh, if it gets going it could work well.

Ok-- Wait what? What are you on about boy.

Gmodtower has been in development since late 2006 bud.


also, gmt does have this. It’s in the original plans, but they put the pool on hold for a bit until they got it released, same thing for most game modes. They are now working on re implementing them though.
that is also why if you go to the game mode room, there are only two small sections open and the rest are construction places that say coming soon.

GMT is like yours? Don’t you mean yours is like GMT? Regardless, GMT is a bit overstuffed. The problem is that lobby and lounge gamemodes are on the rise and they will likely become bloated like RP has.

Well yes your correct grea$emonkey. A bit of a mistake.


Well lets see. Just because they make a pool means its off limits for us to make a pool? Plus, I never heard a single word about GMT having a Race Track. Ball race is the closest thing to it.