Gmod- How can I move ragdol poses from 3ds max to Garrys Mod?

So I’m making a video that requries adv posing and i know that its umpossible to get them in gmod, so I’m using tf2 models in 3ds max where i pose their bodys but I want to put these poses on models in gmod.
I know its possible but I dont know how.
Please hep

As far as I know that would be in possible, Source/Garrys mod spawns the ragdolls in the standard pose with there arms down. The only way I could think of if you export the model as a static model like a bed or a table. Than he would have the same pose but you are unable to move him so he will always be in the same pose.

How about getting a tf2 NPC into gmod(which is possible) and than applying a static animation to it.
But how I coudl do it…

You can make animations for a TF2 character in 3dsmax ,download a TF2 npc for gmod ,apply your anim to the npc using npc scene tool ,set the gmod 's timescale to 0 and kill the npc when it 's in the desired position (it won 't fall) .Then you will be able to freeze it with your physgun and set your timescale to 1
Now you have a pre-posed ragdoll :stuck_out_tongue:

You could find that Team Fortress NPCs mod and using a animation tool with your animation selected, you can do that.

Okay but how coudl i get the anim into npc scene?