[GMOD]How to block a country?

Good evening, I’m looking for an addon to block certein country. I looked everywhere but I can not find anything. I saw the Blockcountry but it has no link to DL. Thank you in advance for your help.

Why do you want to block a country? Because people in asia are ddosing you? That is racist.

Edit: is it because the bad words about them? Its pointless to ban a country, its just being an a**hole.

Already kid speaks better now. It’s just that foreigners love to fuck their mess or should not. In any case it is racism. Idiot and I ask some help, not people say I’m racist

I am saying my opinion which may get you to understand why its pointless, blocking a country would jusy make less people join your servers, just because some are douchebags does not mean all of them are.

I don’t know why I’m bothering but:


hook.Add(“PlayerInitialSpawn”,“ImRacistSoIKickWholeCountries”, function(ply)
if !IsValid(ply) then return end
local geostat = GeoIP.Get(ply:IPAddress())
if geostat and geostat.country_name then
if geostat.country_name == “United States” then
ply:Kick(“You’re not wanted here”)

Wrote on the spot, no idea if it works and it requires the GeoIP Module: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=969950

so what if he wants to block a country, it’s not racism. i wouldnt want polish and russians on my server because its annoying when they come in spam in russian and doesnt understand shit when you try to explain how things work…

Keeping people out of a server cause they’re from a country is dumb.

Some guy: hello im from china so my english not that good-



We don’t speak russian in Poland you dumb fuck, we have a different language. Go back to school.
Also, Polish people speak english better than Russians.

Maybe he is from a country that don’t speaks English? I mean English is pretty well know internationally but i know quite a few German and Swedish servers that only want German or Swedish people.

Nice 9 month old thread bump.
Pointless one too.