Gmod Hyperspace?

Hello Facepunch Community!
I am back again with another thing I searched hours upon hours of, and found no answers.

On any StarwarsRP server, they can hyperspace. I dont know where or how they figured it out, but I can not.

I would also like to put this into a button somehow. If its any help, I use the venator_v3 map, and the most leftt button in the right bridge (where the cluster of 3 buttons is) doesnt work, so i would like that to be a hyperspace button.

I can edit the map and stuff to change this if needed, and can add scripts and/or addons. Whatever is needed to get the hyperspace view, and shaking ship, I will do.
Idk if this is an addon somewhere or where I need to go to find this out but Facepunch Gmod community is my go to!

I have again, researched hours on end for the past few days.
Kind of urgent, as RP is restricted.

Are you talking about this effect? Can you make a screenshot of it or something?

Yes! That is exactly what I am looking for, plus a shaking effect of the whole map!

Earthquake tutorial

I don’t know if you understand what this forum page is about, but I will tel you anyway: "It is clearly about LUA, not using SDK then importig it into Gmod.

You can use DHtml from Garryd Mod wiki to import gifs and draw them, and you can research into the Darkrp earth quake

I don’t know if you understand what this forum is about, but I will tell you anyway: “It is clearly about actually helping people with problems and bothering to search the wiki”



A gif is hardly going to simulate a real earthquake. I suggest


Alright I will test it out.

So, What do I do with ent.Create and the util.ScreenShake? How do I add the hyperspace stars? (like

Sorry, I am quite new and VERY confused on what to actually do.

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Yes and No. I want the earthquake and the starfield (which is around the OUTSIDE of the ship) to be triggered by the same button.

Do it by yourself and stop asking for help, don’t say “I’m really” new because that’s bullshit, you are not even trying and youre waiting someone else to give you a working copy of what you want
So please, stay away from developer section of you are not going to even try

Alrighty. Fair enough.

Just to let you know some maps have hyperspace built into them, like rp_stardestroyer_v2 as you can toggle it in the main control room.

Im using rp_venator_v3 and theres a button on the top that doesnt even do anything…
I assumed at first this was hyperspace, but its a useless button…

I know for the past replies have been horrible, but I found a solution to the hyperspace like material.
Post Process gmod overlays (materials used in Q menu, post processes)…
These are the “Hyperspace” like animated materials, the less quality materials and not really what your truly looking for, but they work.

When initiating the Hyperspace however your doing it, you can use one of these Materials above.

Thank you for the helpful reply! :slight_smile:

Dont use materials for this. @LoweChaser linked a youtube video showing env_starfield used in Source SDK which means its available in Garry’s Mod (side note: just because its on the Valve wiki doesnt mean its always available in Garry’s Mod, ie Portal 2/Source2 entities). use ents.Create with “env_starfield” and “env_shake” and you will have your effect. You may need to play around with KeyValue pairs but its nothing too complicated.

If the starfield is a bit “been there done that”, you can make your own effect which should be pretty easy.

Would you use a source tool for creating your own effect or is it strictly lua?

What Source tool? You can create particle effects with GLua.

Aren’t GLua particles really limited compared to what you could do on the proper Particle Editor?

Idk but Shendow said something about Particle Editor that’s what I was talking about, just didnt know what it was called.

I’ve had this question years ago
thanks for having posting this