GMOD: I need a mapmaker for my garry's mod server.

I need a person who can make maps and or edit maps. I can pay you a price you cant turn down. Contact me on steam or here for more details.

(SWRP Maps)

Why does everyone insist on contacting them on their page for more details without putting any actual effort into a thread?
This is along the lines of posting an employment vacancy. Then telling the applicant to contact them for more information.

So what are you looking for?

Im looking for a person who can make and or edit maps in the game Garry’s Mod. Its as simple as that, I can pay the person making the map, as I said uptop I can discuss pricing and such.

We kinda wanna know what we’re potentially getting ourselves into is all

Your just going to make one map, a small project, editing a map (rp_venator_v3) or if you will like you can build a venator (ship) floating in space, with planets around it. But I would prefer just the first one, editing a map, like adding some hallways some rooms, ect. Anymore info?