GMod Icon Models Pack

The Phx 3 Svn Version included the Facepunch logo, i thought it would be great if i created a Gmod logo Models too, so here it is. did you notice that? facepuch logo without gmod logo?

hope you like my first models with reflect world on it

Nice job i like it :smiley: downloaded

Heh. Clever.

it looks so funny
i download it :smiley:

I can’t see why anyone’d use this


That would be good for menu backgrounds.

Yes despite the fact it’s automatically added.

guys this is the real reflection, i updated the screenshot at the first post, btw here it is, i’m just showing the reflection

I don’t think anybody cares, this is a 5second model

"I can’t see why anyone’d use this " and "I don’t think anybody cares, this is a 5second model "

what do you mean about that?

Looks nice. Good job.

That doesn’t matter.

The models are extremely basic and have no use

The models are only relatively basic, and I know of a few ways to use them.
For Example: You could put some icons on a building in a map and call it Garry’s HQ, or something.

But they still have barely any use

Maybe, but if it has some use than it’s still useful.

You’re also in the news

Basic models, but they haven’t been done before. Good job.

Could you stop spamming this thread with useless comments?

Clever job.