GMod Idiotness

Ok, this is my first GMod video, it consists of 24 clips + ending, and the movie is 13 minutes long.
I mainly did this movie all alone except the scene where 3 players are jumping around and such.
There’s some mess-ups here and there, don’t let them ruin the video because it was a bit hard to put the clips together.
Don’t be an ass and just say “ofmg this sucsks!”
I need constructive criticism, feedback and info, how I should improve the next parts.
Here’s GMod Idiotness 1:

GMod Idiotness 1 Part 2:

We decided to stop making the next movie until we get funny, original and good parody ideas.
Here’s the clips that were going to be in the second movie:

Very funny and well made, you need to space music clips, their to close to each other.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

Wow, we did a good job lol. :smiley:


Not exactly A material, but it does the trick.
Tip for next time, don’t copy stuff like gravity cat. Done before and not funny.

constructive criticism, ok.

there is more to comedy then a couple of slap stick gags ending in explosions, danceing ragdolls, or cheap jokes that youve stole and put on your video.
you have to be orignal and create new ideas, there are soo many of these videos out there.

but thats my view. there will always be a demand for these type of vids while 12 year olds out there.

You know, it’s very good for a first Gmod video, but there isn’t much originality. I’ve seen too many Gmod videos that include “Idiot” and “Gmod” in the name. It was only that until I saw how you ripped my “Rick James” joke and the wazzap zombies from my own UnKnown Moments series. Probably even more jokes from other Gmod videos.

The only thing I see wrong here is that you’re relying too heavily on other Gmod videos, making some of your content unoriginal.

Yeah, sorry about that, and I’m bad at making funny stuff.

I saw un-originality… and copied work… Rant is impending…
Ok fuck what happened last time RANT INCOMING

You stole ideas from just about everybody!
CaLeB- also fucking original
Dasbooshitt -as much as i don’t like him… ill use him in this rant
Every clip just about you used copied some people, and some where incredible stupid!
A guy sitting with shroom’s around doing nothing… NOT FUNNY
You are not funny sir, not original and I think you should remove this video.
I will be honest, I hope i don’t see another one of your videos cameleot.
You sir are a amateur, and lack any skill or imagination, do something els.

Intro - Nice
Banana phone music part - :geno: was that supposed to be funny, creepy or what? (It wasn’t none of those)
The guys with crowbars - …no
Guys playing some FPS - There was sound of key bashing, but you just moved his head, (some of the facial expressions were good tho)
Benny hill song is so over used that nowadays it’s gotta be a reaaaally funny scene for it to be a appropriate… That wasn’t the case…


Also, I know you must have wanted to upload the movie and share it right away, but take your time and think of original content… Most of the ones you did were already made.

I’m sorry but the major down side was that most of the jokes didn’t make any sense…or were not very funny. The picture animations were also very twitchy. Good job on the intro, though! That was very cool!

Try watching movies you like, then make parody’s of them. You got to use your own ideas man.

Good job though.

Don’t blam him, lot of people use those jokes then he does a really good stuff on his own. i’ve noticed some jokes have non-sense but only a few and again, for a first try, he does a well done job.

Ok, thanks, I really suck at making funny stuff… :sigh:

What was that song at the end of part one? where they’re spazzing on the train?

Rob Zombie - Super Beast


Updated OP.