Could somebody make a script that would give you an option to make everything in THREE D(EEEE)? I know its probably hard, but I can’t figure out LUA, so I’m not sure.
When a model/brush (from the world) got closer/further from the screen, the red/blue shading would increase/decrease. Does this seem possible/doable? Good day/night.

some graphics card do this automatically.
and some do like those disney movies! :razz:
but it could be done in lua.

Like ZenX2 a THREE DEE enabled graphics card is probably your best bet.

I looked into that, and:
1: I just dont have the money. 2: Im terrible with hardware, could you link me to one worth getting, or, in there maybe a driver that would work with my current? I cant check my model ATM, but I know its nVidia.

If your card is compatible download the driver. It has source engine games on the list (and says it works best with them) so it should work with G-Mod. It’s a free driver. I tried it but with my graphics card (ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series) it made everything go yellow and THREE DEEE!