Gmod infection/virus

As I dont know how to explain whats happening to me, i’ll just describe what is and what was happening.
Okay so, i opened Gmod and logged into a server of dark rp. I played there for a good hour, I buildt my base and got some printers going on. Suddenly the chat was being spammed by everyone on the server including me, and the keysbinds on my keyboard were completely messed up. In the chat you could see people spamming : " Im too young for gmod (30, 13, 15, 107, and a lot of numbers like that)" and the keys were inversed, what i mean by that is that w meant s, a meant d rmb was lmb and lmb was rmb ect. Soon after the bullshit began, the server crashed, i tried to reconnect to it, but i wasnt able to click the connect button. I exited Gmod and started it back up, and connected on another server. Every time i was moving, it spammed the chat with the same messages I described above, until i got kicked by a server administrator for spam. I tried to reset my keybind into the options, but every time i did it, it was reset back to the “infected keybinds”. As I saw this didnt fix it, I tried to verify cache integrity in the steam menu of Gmod, without success, i then tried to re-instal the game, again, without success. Basicly, I cant play Gmod anymore, whatever I do. I also ran a virus scan on my computer with windows defender but it found nothing. I take a wide guess, that its a lua infection, someone uploaded a lua file to the server who download the file into my client, wich infected me.

I really want to go back to Gmod, but i cant seem to find how. Thanks in advance !

Did you just create 3 accounts to post this?

the same problem with me :frowning: I just got this yesterday so not a great intro to gmod

No i didnt, they just all camed at the same time… thats a coincidence, nothing more.

no, i notice this posted same time as this lol, was accounts all made now? i though there was only 2

I guess its like the cough virus, its happening again, under antoher format… god damit.

well then, lets welcome cough reincarnation