Gmod Installs Other Games, How Can I Stop This?

When I install Gmod and restart steam I have all of my Orange Box games, DOD: Source and Half Life 2 Deathmatch installed, I have both of the SDKs and I do not need the games installed too (they are just taking up space).

How do I stop Gmod from doing this?
(without having to uninstall the games every time I log onto steam)

Try going into the Gmod’s “Gmod Settings” entry in the menu and uncheck the games you don’t want installed. It should work.

Okay I’ll try.


Okay… That didn’t work.

What do you meen that didn’t work? Thats the only way.

Uhh, uninstall them after you do that?

I’ve the same problem as this. Every time I load steam I’ve got half a dozen games sitting there nice and installed and taking up 10 gigs of harddisk.

That’s which depots to mount, I believe?
Currently, HL2, Ep1, Ep2, LC and Portal all load themselves. Every time before I play gmod I right click and delete local content, and this frees up the memory, as well as allowing the props etc. to work properly. But I do need to repeat this process every time.
Any permanent methods?

Gmod doesnt auto install them, steam does. Just put pause updating on them so they dont go any further.

Which games specifically. If you uncheck them from the settings menu it should stop those ones from installing…

It happens to me with the Half-Life 2 games (they’re the only ones I’ve deleted anyway) luckily it’s not such a big deal cause I have so much free space, but it is kinda annoying to see them back there time after time. I don’t even see them in the process of downloading, I just open up my list and they’re there.

:open_mouth: Garry posted on my thread!

Now I’m over that… Whenever I do that it stops all of the content of that game on gmod (if I uncheck Team Fortress 2 then I can’t use TF2 models in-game)

I am using the SDKs (which takes up less then having the games installed) but it doesn’t seem to work when I uncheck the games.

You need the games installed, if you install the SDK it still won’t work because it needs the games installed too (if you try to use Hammer for TF2 and TF2 isn’t installed, it won’t work). Basically:

  1. If you want content from TF2 (or other game) it needs to be checked in Garry’s Mod and installed.
  2. If you don’t want the content from those other games, just uncheck them in Garry’s Mod and uninstall whatever was installed from them when you did that.

Only one of those options is possible.

Okay thanks.