Gmod instant crash.

Ok so I have been playing gmod over 3-6 months idk. The other day I was falling a sleep on the floor with my laptop. Well a noise made me make a sharp wake up and I kicked my computer screen and broke it. Well I plugged it up to a desktop screen played some c:ss and then went to play gmod. Well after it sayss “Preparing to launch Garry’s Mod” it does the whole mouse loading then for like 1ms it does the outline screen of gmod and then closes instantly with no error. Ive tried updating my graphics driver. Still not working. Reinstalled it. You probably guessed it : No succes. Please help me because this is my favorite game and I want to play it badly!

Thanks for your time


Oh and all other games work! Just not gmod

Try playing with a whole laptop or whole desktop instead.

um… I cant cause I do not have another and I do not want to buy a full laptop or desktop. Besides how would this help?

Ha, ha ha do a disk check for volume errors.

Kicking your computer less might help :eng101:


honestly, god knows what other kinds of damage you might have done to your laptop. Verify the integrity of your HARDDRIVE.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will try all of them… Especially SecretGamer360’s >_> Please keep sending your suggestions

moral of the story: Don’t use your laptop on the ground.

yeah now its on a table connected to a desktop screen and my favorite game will not work

Try setting your game to run below the monitor’s resolution, because if you’re running at a higher res and windowed mode or if the res you’re running at isn’t supported by your monitor GMod won’t run.

still open to suggestions… Every one helps


Can you please tell me how? XD


Legend286… Thank you sooooooooooo much! :smiley: My favorite game is back! Thank you all for your suggestions and thank you legend!!!