Gmod invisible gun bug?

Every now and then guns just randomly go invisible for everyone in the server it doesn’t happen to everyone at the same time just randomly for each person and the only temp fix we have found is to type record fix (doesn’t have to be fix) then stop the record to fix it but it will just constantly do it. Does anyone else have this issue or anyone know how to fix it?

The server uses Firearms Source Weapons, Im not sure if its just the weapons or its a actual bug?

Edit: It happens to all you’re weapons and tools.

Never used Source Weapons, but I also have the same problem if I use playX player. Do you use that?

the bug just happens randomly to everyone happens more regularly when there is lag but there doesn’t seem to be a obvious trigger for it.


This occurs for me too, quite often. I fix it by typing “record demonamehere” then stopping the demo once my weapons reappear. I wish for a fix asap, its making me sad.

Bump, Anyone know a permanent fix?


Stop bumping its been a while if anyone would know they would of said it by now. And we need more info

What do you mean “More info”
The weapons basicly dissappear after a lagspike.

This is a common bug in FAS and its not fixable