Gmod is glitchy!!!

Help! I have GMOD not working when addons are included! They cause lags, disable the “limited PHYSGUN” function, no “Keep Corpses” option, and I can’t launch a server second time (start new map). It stops on one line of loading (a white liine in the corner)(usually it stops at seven, than eight etc.). And don’t tell me to reinstall GMOD!

uuuum…what addons have you installed? Chances are, you downloaded a shitload of old, outdated addons that don’t work a mess up the game because they don’t work with the new physics engine. Clean garrysmod, then either find newer (within the past year or so) versions of the addons you used. If there arent any, then just forget about them.

Wait, so you’re saying there is no “Keep Corpses” option in your Gmod? That is a pirated copy

i think hes trying to say he has it disabled.

There is… but it is not working


Well, only the newest (one is old - npcs_v4 (maybe)), but nothing more. I don’t think I should delete them all, I should find one glitchy, but all functions, that I mentioned disabled, are enabled with coming-with GMOD addons, like DERMA and DODS

LoL dude i may have a pirated copy but i dont have a problem like yours everything if is fine here [maybe] you have old npcs