Gmod Is Half Dead?

I might get kicked in the balls for saying this, but… Does anyone else think that Gmod has kind of died down a bit over the past couple years? I’m beginning to notice that all the epic builders (Karbine, Satyria, Generic Default… You know…) haven’t made a lot of new stuff. Satyria says he doesn’t really even play anymore. Pus, the GGG servers are down and Nodex hasn’t given their Gmod server much love. If I’m totally wrong on something here, I apologize; this is just my take. Thoughts?

As a person whose played GMod for about 4 years now, I have no idea who these epic builers are you’re talking about.

As for Garry’s Mod dying, Gmod Tower has a massive influx of players currently trying to get into our servers, so I dunno what you’re talking about.

Probably since I believe the Yogcasts are currently do a Let’s play of GMOD Tower while Personally I know GMT is going to be flooded with new players who probably have never played GMOD before and have bought it since they saw Yogcast’s play it, I’m quite happy that more people know about GMT since it’s a great gamemode and probably one of my favorites.

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And especially with the large amount of TTT Servers that are always populated

I remember when i started to play garrys mod back when the slider tool actuall worked, so 2007. They was rarely any players around for Australia if anything there was 3 active servers, now when i refresh the list theres at lest 18 TTT servers with people in it. Oh this is when garrys mod was free :stuck_out_tongue:

garry sold two million copies in three years… so no


I’ve been here long enough to see a new one of these threads every year or so, it’s not dying.

If anything, it just plateaued.

Ahhh that explains it. I mean I have nothing but respect for the GMT guys and think they have the most unique and amazing servers I’ve every see in a sandbox game. But to get 2x127 with such large download packs was a tad odd. Explains why with yogcast though :slight_smile:

no stupid gmod is half-life



“gmod is half dead?”

“no, gmod is half life”

Thanks for answering & thanks for making me feel dumb.

Custom gamemodes with custom content require big downloads, can’t do much about that

Most everyone goes in and out of things in fazes, you can’t base your assumptions off a few builders. TTT and other mods are crazy popular right now.

It’s not so much dead as the demographic switched into different gamemodes.

WUT? 0_0 Are you serious? They are the most prominent builders of cars, tanks, planes and what have you on the internet… Generic Default? The guy who made GDC? Lazermaniac? The guy who works with ACF? Divran? Hunta? Not meaning to be a douche here… Just really, really surprised!

I honestly think it’s cool that there are builders who have some sort of following (I don’t know the ones you mentioned personally).
The only name I really know is that boshit guy, or however he spells it, with the crazy funny videos

Your forgetting Gunnanmon, most people have forgotten about him.

I think OP here is referring to the builders of gmod which is a dying community, because gmod 13 really only pushed t he builders away, it didnt help them at all to be honest, so yess op is right, the building half of gmod is dying