Gmod is just awesome

Some of the posing in this is off because I’m new to this. It’s made of just pictures because my pc fails when trying to take video through the source recorder.

Be sure to do something more original next time. I’ve seen too many of these videos at this point.

great video,loved all the changes in scenery!

Best video evar :smiley:

Thanks for the advice.

No screenshots, a few were badly posed. It was a nice concept though. Just executed badly.

You did a few things right, you used a lot of maps and custom models which is great, but you really need to use a lot more video clips instead of screenshots.

I like the video. I loved the Discovery Channels one more though. Maybe it was just something to do with the fact that how nervously Mythbuster’s Adam was singing while he was getting covered with thousands of ice cubes.