gmod is slow

When I try and start gmod, I get that stupid preparing to launch garrys mod window and I sit here waiting for like 5 mins or more, sometimes it wont launch at all. Ever since that update that broke the wire mod this has been happening.

my specs

Windows vista 64x
Intel Core 2 quad
processer speed 2.50 ghz
Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT

I hope thats all you need…as for my addons there is way to many to list and I all ready know they cause problems, but they did not cause this.

Get rid of the addons you don’t need or at least put them in another folder. I had a crapload of addons and I did that, helped me out by a bunch.

well iv been meaning to go through all my addons since alot of dumb noobs put these huge freaking packs of junk together when all anyone really uses is maybe one or two of there props…then theres the fact no one makes spawnlists anymore…but I really dont think its my addons, I just have this feeling it was that damn update

i am also getting alot of engine errors mainly this one: CLuaClass::Push - Not Table!