Gmod is so personal part 2


media tags luuuuuuuuuuuurve you.

I really like the part with the beatles. But overall quite nice.

thanks :smiley:

Very well made, props yo.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

This really wasn’t that good. I watched the whole thing, and it was honestly kind of a waste of time. None of the jokes were clever or even funny, just things blowing up. What am I supposed to laugh at?

Your one joke called “A MANS WORST NIGHTMARE”, for example. Okay, Backstreet Boys is playing. Boy bands are kind of gay nowadays, but writing “GAY CLUB” using rope tool on the wall to imply that the man is in front of a gay bar is just not funny, man. Do you think a straight person is going to say “LOL I GET IT ITS FUNNY BECAUSE THE LAST PLACE I WOULD WANT TO BE IS IN A GAY BAR AND LISTENING TO BACKSTREET BOYS”. No, there’s nothing clever or creative about the joke, it’s as bland as it gets. Same goes with all of the other jokes. It’s horribly recorded dialogue followed by some random act of violent.

It just wasn’t funny, it was just a slideshow of random violence and unnecessary swearing. There’s nothing that makes it clever or interesting.

well maybe i maked this for the people in personal skin thread?
those people have helped me improve… thats why i do this movie. may be you just dont get the jokes or something.
i dont say you have to laugh.
but dont be a fucking dick head.
Im not the greatest Gmod Movie maker… i know.
but maybe i can improve instead dickheads like you say things like that… well you comment will not help me improve.

I don’t think you should’ve posted in this section, it should’ve stayed in the thread for this very reason.

I loved it! Hope you can make a third one so my skin can be in it, haha

They helped you improve?

I’m not being a dickhead, I’m just saying you didn’t even make an effort to make the humour interesting. It was just ragdoll explosions and cliched stuff.

My comment WILL help you improve: If you want to make a comedy, have a script that you’ve refined and tested with other people. If you want to make a model showcase, do that, but don’t play it off like it’s a machinima, because it’s not.

If you don’t like it, walk on, no need to tell him it’s not funny, he just wanted to make something for his friends at the Personal Skins thread and we liked it, which was all that mattered.

exactly :slight_smile:

this is just for Personal skin guys…
i dont post my videos here again.


sure ryzo… but can you send me your skin?

He posted it in the Videos forum. You guys give him positive feedback. I give him negative feedback. I get called a fucking dickhead. Does that sound fair to you? Not really.

Sweden’s so ready to accept positive criticism and praise that the second he gets negative criticism he starts flaming me.

Nope, I thought the video wasn’t very good, I didn’t see the effort, just a bunch of pictures with custom-made skins in them made to look like an animation.

Sorry I didn’t have the opinion you’d thought I’d have, but that’s just how the world turns. Not EVERYONE’S going to like your video. I understand it was just for skins but that still doesn’t give you an excuse to play it off like a machinima and give it poor quality.

Did he ever say “HEY! Guys look at my award winning machinima.” No he didn’t, he just wanted to share the vid he made. It’s not like it’s a thing he spent 2 years on, he just made something quick to test his skills, it’s not like he’s been doing this for years.

exactly again…

eggman do you read my mind xD


Fuck i said im not a fucking pro on making videos… do you UNDERSTAND THAT?
so i never post here again so you have to watch my videos…
and if they just watched the movie for the skins… why the hell do they comment on scenes??? there they own skins not are in?
and I call it StopMotion not Slideshow.

Stop motion, if you want a textbook definition, is basically an animation technique that gives otherwise inanimate objects life. You do not animate them. You pose them in completely different poses.

And I didn’t say you were a pro, but these forums are usually for constructive criticism. I understand you made a video just for fun, however just because you enjoyed making it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically not allowed to be criticized.

Even so, I only told you it wasn’t funny and you flipped out on me and called you a fucking dickhead. Did I insult you? No. Did I tell you I didn’t enjoy your video? Yes. I have the right to an opinion. You’re not allowed to flame, so you don’t have the right to call me a fucking dickhead. But that’s not the point. The point is, just because I didn’t enjoy your video doesn’t mean you need to get on my ass about it. If you didn’t intend the video to be criticized, ignore my criticism. It’s as simple as that. I have the right to an opinion, and just because I failed to see your agenda when you were making the video doesn’t mean that you need to act like I’m being a douchebag, because I’m not. You got way too offended by my comment.

What the fuck is up with everybody in this forum all of a sudden? “HURR DURR IF U DONT SAY ANYTIN NIC DONT SAY ANYTIN”. Stop being such a fucking kid and take criticism that people are giving you. Fumples said the stuff wasn’t funny, that tells you that you should work on the jokes next time instead of just making random shit happen and expect it to be funny.

Fumples is right.

Eggman, it’s called criticism.

ok sorry fumples…

Im work on my Jokes next time.
so :slight_smile:
sorry for I called you dickhead.
it was a mistake…
im sorry