Gmod isn't seeing the /garrysmod/addons folder at all. Need help making it see said folder.

I’ve been out of Gmod for quite a while. I stopped playing a couple weeks before GM13 released. A few days ago I got the urge to play, so I told steam to update Gmod and I’ve updated my major addons(Wire, ACF, SProps, etc).

However, the only addons that are showing up are the ones from the workshop. NOTHING else is visible. It doesn’t matter if they’re legacy content or not, my SProps and ACF downloads were done just two hours ago yet neither mod shows up. Wire, however, does mount, since it’s a workshop mod. But Wire cannot see any of my E2s, and as far as I can tell it cannot save to my harddrive either.

Anyone know what’s going on here and how I can force Gmod to see my addons folder?

If it’s not already, put your garrysmod folder in steamapps/common/

Yeah, make sure you’re not putting it in steamapps/(username)

garrysmod or garrysmod/garrysmod?

Edit: I see, opened up the new folder. LEt’s see if this works.

Edit 2: It worked, but now all of my addons are horribly broken and this asinine error handling script won’t even let me play unless I ‘fix’(AKA remove) all of them.