Gmod isnt working rite

I accidently combined my lua_temp files (dwnld from gmod servs) to my garrysmod folder and idk if i deleted all the shit but gmod wont work rite now. “play singleplayer” doesnt bring up the maps, the backround is the server loading screen (the g wit the dots) and dont tell me to reinstall cuz i hav so much addons n shit like dat. plz help!

Delete everything except the addons folder, that should fix it.

ill try but the lua files i hav 2 4 stuff i made
ill use ur advice as a “last resort” tho


I deleted some a wht i thought was the temp stuff but idk nd idk if i deleted the rite thing can someone give me names of the folders tht r supposed 2 b in the lua folder?

Delete everything except:

  • addons
  • lua

Then come back.

k thx ill try it


thx 4 all ur help u guys i reinstalling now + i saved all the necessary shit so thx u guys im so happy now lol :DDDDD