GMod isn't working

Every time i try to start it it gets to the scree of the cone on the guys head, but then this comes up…
hl2.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program it to stop working correctly.
I am using a windows vista premium 64 bit computer if that helps. Also I have tried running it in 32 bit mode. Still nothing works.

Right click and run as administrator.

still not working =(

go into steam fing gmod on game list click properties click launch options or somthing like that any type this

-dxlevel 80 (copy with dash)

if that dosent work try

-dxlevel 70

… or you could try uninstalling gmod and hl2, and reinstall them

Still nothing . WTF is wrong me or gmod?

It’s a Source update breaking everything. Garry needs to patch GMod again (we had this debacle happen a month ago). There’s many threads on this problem.


It’s fixed, carry on.