Gmod joining crash on host server

Ok, i used to before be able to host a dedicated server and play Garry’s mod at the same time. Now if I host the server and start Garry’s Mod and try to join a server, Garry’s mod crash’s with this error

Engine Error
Couldn’t allocate any server IP port

so i changed the port on my server form 27015 to 27014 and got this error (this happens no matter what number port I set and my router is set for DMZ)
Engine Error
Couldn’t allocate any hltv IP port

And if I try playing Garry’s Mod without the server running, I can join other servers with no trouble but I can’t get the server to start if Garry’s Mod is already running.
Can anybody help because this problem is getting on my nerves. I’ve tried a clean install of gmod but that did not work. The servers is up to date and works for others.

Try the following to isolate the problem:

netstat -a | findstr 27015

You can also use this program to see which programs are listening on what ports.

Ok, i tried the program but it show nothing using those ports. Would a clean install of all my steam stuff (delete steam folder and reinstall steam and game) have a shot at fixing this problem?

That does not help, reinstalling everything only takes away more time, i’ve tried atleast 3 times =[

This is STILL a problem Garry…Don’t mean to be rude but how hard could it be to change a few ports around so it’ll work?

I’m having this problem too. I’ve tried connecting through my internal and external ip addresses and I still get the error.

Guys, this isn’t garrys problem, it is yours. Disable HLTV support, or change the listening port for it!

Oh my GOD! Thank you Anticept!!! I had same problem with Lonewolfs117
but i Disabled HLTV support, and it worked!! Now i can host dedicated server, and play it on same computer!!! Thanks Again!!!

By the way: I had same error when connecting to own server, “Couldn’t allocate any hltv IP port” but now that error is history!!!

can anybody tell me how to disable that shet ? ive been trying to fix this for like … 5 hours in a row . please ANY HELP ? :frowning:


will anybody ever answer something ?

Try here, this is off of steams website. I’m still reading it.

I have maybe another sort of problem, When I create server (not dedicated) and sometimes, when person join it crashes saying something about lua. Some get in and some crash server. I always need to password protect my server or it crashes. Have you been trough this? Know answer to this? Please tell me what to do.

I still don’t see where I disable HLTV support.

Can anyone help?

I have the same problem any help would be nice

The reson is, is that you can’t join the server on the same machine that you are hosting it on.

Yes i can, i been doing it for the past two years.

Yes, only if you change ports. Performance would be suckish if you didn’t have a decent PC.

My ports are DMZ, i fixed the stupid can not allocate server IP problem and my PC and run with a small number of the best. Since i having Os trouble right now, i can’t try anything to fix the server

I have the same problem, when somebody wants to access it to my server he is hanging himself, of course with not every time they are hanging but sa because of that trouble.

My server : | 24/7 & Gmod Server
Server IP Address:

Yes i too am experiencing this problem…Could someone elaborate on how to turn off the HLTV? Reference to a long/boring document simply won’t suffice, thanks.

anyone want to reply???

yes that is not the problem, i have solved my time out problem (for now)
hltv? w t f!

Take a look at this thread:

My dedicated was doing this very often then I removed alot of addons and it slowed down.