Gmod Jokes!


What the fuck do those jokes even mean… ?

are these meant to be jokes

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are you fucking serious

doomddec is a smart educated funny and wittty gmod player

But it’s okay; I’m smart and mature for my age ~XD~

what did the physgun say to the other physgun

my heart is beaming towards you


Why did the ragdoll cross the road?

It didn’t. It’s an inanimate entity. This thread sucks. Op’s a troll.

Where should a joke like this go?

Fast Threads.

Why did the CP kiss Alyx?

Because she was doing a theater play with a CP mask!

That makes no sense. I’m not joking; I can’t stretch my imagination far enough to think of how that might be considered funny.

So, you’re saying that, since Alex was in normal attire apart from wearing a combine CP mask, an actual combine came up and kissed her through the mask. That makes so much senseandImlyinganditdoesnt at all.

I’m trying so hard to think of a joke but I’m too busy laughing at the hilarious content in op’s post. :v:

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, tear xdxd:):P(’’’(^_^)/’’’):smiley:

goddammit op you havent had a single good post

lol, garry.

what are you talking about that was the finest post facepunch has ever seen

i salute you, doomeddec

Oh, I get it, OP. I know nice joke too.
There is a bear in the woods, he sees - the car is on fire. He sat in it and burned.

so funy xDXDDDDDDDDDD~~~

No seriously that’s just some terrible jokes

Why did Garry’s Mod break?


Thread of the year.