Gmod 'juttering' glitch

Recently whenever I walk or no-clip or swim or anything I always ‘jutter’ back a few feet once I’ve stopped. I naturally thought it was something I had downloaded yet apart from a MegaPack for a RP server (maps, textures, models etc…) there was nothing that could have done this.
Recently I had gone into my files to try and toggle crouch. I created some text files but when it didn’t work I deleted them all. Weirdly this only occurs in single-player and not online.
Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? It’s really annoying and I can hardly play on Gmod with this :confused:

Yah, happened to me last night. Must’ve been something we downloaded.

I had this too. When ever I played gm_buttes it started doing this. Try restarting gmod when it does this and play gm_flatgrass and if it still happens I don’t know why this is happening.

I have this all the time on multi player, best i can do is just disconnect and restart.
Sometimes a call for restarting steam is needed.

I hope you do find your problem, I still have it :frowning:
Best of luck, Shadishow

Well it’s been a problem for almost a month now, perhaps it’s a problem with a resent upadate or somthing. I seem to remember one about teh time it started.