Gmod keeps crashing.

Every time I load up single player Gmod will crash with the normal hl2.exe error. The odd thing is that it worked perfectly yesterday, the only thing I added to my Gmod was the finger pose fix, I deleted it and the problem is still happening.

The instruction at "0x0fd23e2c"referenced memory at “0x0d70a1a0” The memory can not be “read”. ? I get that,we need a patch,even gmod nine tops ten,ten is like a buggy beta to fp’ers

Never mind, I reinstalled my Gmod.

Wow. Reinstalled you say. I thought that would never work. Just kidding. That’s what I was going to tell you to do. :smiley:

I reinstalled gmod and hl2 and mine still crashes and I didn’t see an update relesaed today that was supposed to.

Mine is crashing when I join a server. Otherwise it seems to be alright, though I did have to reinstall to fix the module error.

The only reason 10 is so buggy is because noobs relase junk beta mods that mess around with the important files that gmod needs to run properly that’s why garrys moved the default gamemodes so people can’t release junk mods that do this. And a word of advice only use mods that go in the addons folder.

Get the new DirectX fixed all my crashes…on source games.

i cant join servers i get this error i need a fix or a way to fix not some one giving there oppininon on it

Nice 3 year bump…DId you go like 20 pages for this?