Gmod keeps crashing!

Hello. My gmod isnt wanting to cooperate. I just got Steam and installed HL2 and Gmod and gmod wont let me play in any other resolution that the minimum and somethings dot load and it crashes sometimes. I think it is my processor. I have 1.25 gigs of RAM and i dont think its my video card. The current processor is a Celeron D. Can anyone help?



BTW I am using windows XP and im not sue how to check what my video card is. And ive only downloaded a few maps so far.

Well, what error message does it give you?

Tbh, I think you’re PC is too shitty. No lie, not trying to be funny. It’s the truth.

:stuck_out_tongue: lol
but it was.

Steam > Help > System Information

Shows your computer specs, maybe you could give us a bit more information now?

You can’t just say
“Well, mah garymawd isnt workin soz can you gais help plz k thx bai”
And not give us any info.