I just worked for 5 hours on something, and I save it. I go back to load it up, and it’s just gone. I waent into the SAVE folder in steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod, and it’s been changed to an HL1 file type instead of .sav. WHY? I changed it to .sav to no avail.

and what is this “hl1” file? .tga??

It’s just an .hl1 file. My .sav file was fragmented into 3 parts: a .hl1 file, a .hl2 file, and a .hl3 file.

ooh, hl3?


Nevermind. Try going to GMod and make something quick, and save it.

If it keeps happening then reinstall gmod.

Use advanced duplicator, instead of save files. They work MUCH better.
Available via SVN:

It’s supposed to do that.



I just did a clean install less than 2 weeks ago.


Also, why did they remove wire from It FRUSTRATES ME SO

Why do you want to use a download when there’s an SVN for it?

Because it was really old and didn’t fully work. Get the SVN

I don’t care if it was old, it had the only working adv dupe tool on the site.



Svn is the fucking best.

Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ll learn to love it, just like I did Firefox. I used to be an IE6 lover.

A link to my SVN tutorial already posted in this thread by DeathDoom. So I don’t have to post it again… But I will anyway muhaha