GMod keeps installing my Orange Box games.

Every time i start GMod, it installs my Orange Box games. I keep installed only HL2 from my Orange Box games, so GMod installs the following:

-HL2: Episode One
-HL2: Episode Two
-Team Fortress 2

The problem is space. I HAVE NO SPACE ON MY COMP FOR ALL THE ORANGE BOX GAMES! Last time it almost killed my comp. I had about… 400MB of memory? I had to uninstall all of my Steam games to keep my comp working!

My friend said that GMod goes crazy when you have no Source games installed. Homever, i keep HL2 installed all the time, so I don’t know where the problem is.

I just can’t play like that. First GMod freezes, then i find no memory on my comp…

I hope someone can help me out with this.


I suspect your content file is causing this. GMod is being told to mount a game that doesn’t exist so it tells steam to download it.

garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg - delete the content.txt file, restart gmod, post results.

Clear up your comp.

Remove them from the mounted list in GMod.

I’ve deleted content.txt many times, but it keeps coming back… As well as GMod keeps installing my OB games ;/

How do I do that?

Garry’s Mod needs the Orange Box engine to run. HL2 is the EP1 engine. It NEEDS HL2:EP2 to work properly. TF2 loads because it’s mounted in GMod.

Looks like you’re outta luck, pal.

GMod needs at least 1 game to mount. You have to mount one game and unmount the rest.

No it doesn’t what are you talking about.

To unmount stuff, click “GMod settings” then untick the boxes next to the games you want to unmount. GMod can run with only HL2 mounted; it doesn’t need Ep2.

Go to Gmod, and on the main menu, go to Gmod settings. Uncheck the games you don’t want installed.

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