Gmod keeps instantly crashing to desktop without reason

Before 2 months my gmod worked fine without any problem, but one day everything changed and i had enought so after 2 months of problems i decided to make a post here.

1) Loading model pictures in spawn menu
This happends when i do load any game content in singpleplayer or in a server like Half-Life 2 Episode 2 content. I click on file where are alot of props, models and etc, its loading pretty slow and makes my gmod lag. When it loads around 50 pictures, next ones generates black and even the props are black. After while gmod crashes to desktop without a reason (rarely it shows error Not enought memory!)

2)Connecting to any server
This happends when i try to join any server. It starts to loading and always freezes in “Retrieving server info” for some time or even crashes here without any reason. If the loading continues, then it freezes at sending client info and same as at retrieving, it will freeze and crash to desktop without any reason. Also connecting any server second time in gmod mostly causes crash to desktop without any reason.

3)Playing in the multiplayer
This happends randomly. Mostly its like this: Im playing, gmod sometimes freezes for a moment, then unfreezes and its ok. But after any time (2mins or 1 hour, its very random) it crashes to dekstop without any reason.

My pc configuration:
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dualcore 5600+ 2.91GHz
RAM 2x1Gb
GK ASUS EAH2600 1023Mb
HDD 250Gb
OS Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit

I did this to fix gmod but nothing helped:
Remove useless addons
Uninstall gmod
Install gmod again (over 200 addons with 17Gb reduced to 157 addons with 9Gb)
Verify game cache
Defragment gmod
Defragment whole HDD
Set my virtual memory in system to 8Gb max

So if anyone know what is the problem, please tell me what to do. Thank you.

( I know this sounds stupid but it helps a lot of people with shit like this), Delete your garrysmod folder, Not simply uninstalling but actually delete it and re-launch gmod (pretty sure it replaces the files if not delete the folder and re-install the game), Otherwise I’m stumped on your problem, Except for number 1) - The icons that load for spawning ALWAYS take a while, That’s normal as for your game crashing though and the black models/Crashing afterwards, What’s your RAM (2x1 GB, U wot. Just post your exact current memory/RAM), Could be a memory problem.

Otherwise it could just be steampipe completely fucking you over, What games do you currently have installed/Mounted (Source games)

EDIT: Well since re-installing your game didin’t fix it seems like it must be a problem with your computer, or steampipe…

If everything fails after a few more suggestions from other facepunch members, Guess you either can’t play gmod or might need a new computer/More RAM/Memory…

I deleted whole gmod folder few days ago, uninstalled gmod on steam, reinstalled back, but problems are still same.
My current memory is 2047Mb.
Source games i have installed: Half-Life 2 with both episodes, HL2DM, Portal, TF2 and ZPS.

“EDIT: Well since re-installing your game didin’t fix it seems like it must be a problem with your computer, or steampipe…”

What kind of problem it could be? I know this will sound stupid but what is exactly “steampipe”?

Steampipe doesn’t cause lag, it causes missing models and textures. Honesty, it sounds like an external problem (Not enough memory, etc). Locate your GMod root folder (\steam\steamapps(username)\garrysmod) and there should be .mdmp files. Upload them and put the link here.

Here are the link with error logs

I took the some of the mdmps you uploaded and processed it here for anyone to look at without the need to download: – Most common one – Occurs once – Occurs once – Occurs once – Occurs once – Occurs once

The rest seem to be crashes with the same stack trace as the first link.

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Suggestion: Does the game stop crashing if you temporarily remove every addon? Backup first so you don’t need to go round redownloading everything. (I know this may be frustrating if you rely heavily on some addons but it’s only temporarily until the problem is isolated)

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Also worth to note, the freezing in the loading screen, often at “retrieving server info” and “sending client info”, is normal. The major lag when generating spawnlist pictures is normal (not quite sure what you’re on about with things turning black). The crashing however is another problem.

So i backupped all addons and run gmod without any addon. I can say it was faster, even at joining server and didnt crash even when loading every hl2 content. But when i start to load hl2 ep2 conctent, but spawnlist pictures again appeared black and after while gmod crashed to desktop without reason.

Here is the link how it looks like when spawnmenu icons starts to load black:

You did move hl2, ep1, ep2 and lost coast (if you have it) to the steampipe, right?

I have nothing done with it, so i think its not in steampipe. Can you tell me how to?

Steampipe was an automatic update.

Go to the “betas” tab on all the games I listed above and opt in to Steampipe.

So i did it, but again loading few last things in hl2ep2 caused loading black pictures and crash to desktop without reason. So i reset gmod and finally load all content.

Btw yesterday i was playing gmod on server almost 2 hours and then it again crashed to destop without reason. So i dont think its fixed yet. Any ideas what to do next?

Go to your GMod root folder (/steamapps/garrysmod) and see if you have an .mdmp file. Of
You do, upload it and post the link here.

So here is it:
Btw seems deleting more addons helped abit, it doesnt crash so often.


Put the dump file here:
Then send the link (I would do this myself but I’m on a phone right now).

Doesn’t having a lot of addons make the game more unstable? Simply subscribing means they redownload.

And yes more addons makes the game unstable but actually i have only addons that i need but gmod still keeps crashing when joining some servers and this drives me crazy -_-
I really wanna find out whats the problem…

I had the same videocard and my gmod also crashed when I put the resolution of the game to high
try starting the game in window mode.

Didn’t help, still crashing…