Gmod keeps timing out

I’ll try to keep this brief, as it’s already been posted in the past but all of the fixes shown didn’t seem to solve it.

So, upon attempting to connect to a server - a RP server, I’m constantly timing out before even getting in the server. After the first time, it’ll freeze for about 10-15 minutes, then it’ll just come up with “Client timed out” or something similar to that. The usual.

Afterwards, it’ll put me into the server, then when I press ` to open up the console because of the servers Gamemode hiding the timing out box (That shows seconds till timeout), it always shows that I’m timing out. It’s got to points where I’ve done this for 2 hours, constantly, and I’ve still not been able to connect to the server.

It happened on 3 different servers, 2 servers were on the same community and used the same Content. This server however has different content, but I’m not too sure what content could cause this error. Albeit, at first I was subbed to around 400+ Addons, then I unsubbed to alot and got it down to 100, but when I was around 300~ I was completely fine. Not sure what changed.

Your assistance would be amazing with this issue. If required, I can post my console logs, what addons I’ve subscribed to, and the addons that the server I’m trying to join uses.

The solutions I’ve already tried:
cl_updaterate 15 - didn’t work at all
Cleaning my addons, deleting and reinstalling gmod - didn’t work at all
Being patient - Rarely works.

New solutions I’ve tried -
Verifying Game cache - No files missing, no files downloaded.

I looked through the console, found nothing of substantial value other than the usual errors.

EDIT #2:
Tried joining a server for about 3-4 hours now. No luck.
All hope is gone. Send help.

This is still a ongoing issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Yeah, still ongoing. Been 6 days now. Any help?