Gmod keeps validating files.

It’s been doing this for the past few months. Everytime I begin to play Gmod it has to validate the files and it takes so long to do so. Can anyone tell me how I can stop it from constantly validating everytime I play?

Have you tried backing up your game files or re-installing the whole game, not just delete local content delete the Garry’s Mod folders and do a fresh installation.

It still does this even when I delete the GCF content/local content and re-install.

I’ve been having this problem too and no help =\

Hmm, I thought I was the only one…

TF2 does that to me…

So I deleted and re-installed my entire Steam folder minus steamapps and steam.exe and it still does this. Is everyone else getting this to? It happens to all of my Source-based games.

Can anyone at all help me, please?

Have you tried defragmenting cache files? Right click on Garry’s Mod on your game library>>properties>>local files>>defragment game files. The problem is caused by steam being unable to determine the fragmentation of game cache file. This causes Steam client to schedule specified game content to be validated on next game/steam client restart. After defragmentation it’ll only validate game content once, but Steam will be able to determine the fragmentation of game content.

I tried defragmenting the files. it worked for a little bit but then the validating started up again eventually. do I have to do this every time there’s an update? if so, that is bullshit.

make sure you close steam properly, use steam’s own exit feature before shutting down your computer
i’ve noticed that force closing steam makes it validate game files

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also try defragging or redownloading the files

Fresh install of GMod AFTER Steam files and folders are restored. This happened to me a while back.