GMod Labs (Garry's Mod help website)


I’ve recently made a site for Gmod tutorials, and I need to know what people are having problems with so I can help them out. The site is at

I’ve already got a few tutorials down and I’m planning to add more, but I need to know where to expand.

Help/suggestions/ideas welcomed, flames/rants/insults not.

In theory this is a very good idea.
In practice it is badly executed. Most of the time that is.
I will keep tabs on this.

Any ideas on how to make it better executed? Examples of how it is currently badly executed?

In my opinion, one great problem would be the fact that it’s hosted on Blogspot, meaning that people can easily notice that it’s never going to change layouts, or always looks the same. Next, you definitely need either multiple authors, or you need to make your guides/tutorials with screenshots or video, depending on the level for it. You should also explain in detail what each tool does, or rather if your doing wire or lua, you’d need to explain the functions correctly.

Try to avoid this, as most guides don’t work out well if they look like:

  1. Open gmod
  2. Create new E2 chip
  3. Paste in this:

@name bla

Finally, you might start a question thread here, and answer each question in a tutorial or something each day.

I’ve been planning on moving it to a more permanent site, Blogspot is just a push-off point for me. I do somewhat explain what the tools/inputs/outputs/etc do, and I’ve been planning to add screenshots. As for videos, Source recorder either doesn’t work or I dunno how to use it, and I don’t want to shell out for FRAPS.

Other than that, the reason I made this thread here is to gather suggestions or requests. Hopefully, with time, I can get more authors and upload more content.

Ideas, please?

Don’t bother making a website when you can’t even afford FRAPS

Well, for a more subtle attempt at professionalism on your site, I suggest getting a free domain name.

It makes your URL more attractive, and is easier to remember than a blogspot subdomain.


Investing in FRAPS or trying some freeware might be a good idea. Videos will more than boost your usefulness.


I didn’t say I couldn’t afford it, I just said I’m not going to get it… I’m trying to figure out the Source Recorder. It’s free and doesn’t care about the FPS.

Guys give him a break. I think even dasboschitt uses blogspot, and I certaintly couldn’t do any of this. Btw I have a quick question. When I play darkrp as a medic, I always get a big error sign for the medkit tool. I know it means a missing prop, but I own hl2 and I thought the prop was the hl2 medkit. What gives?

I think you have to have CSS, sorry.


Why are you using blogspot? Spend $10 a domain and let me have all the money from advertising and I’ll host a wordpress blog with a better theme for free.

Even domain + would work.

@comp: I’m not paying anybody to do something I can do for free. This a tutorial help thread, not a Here-I’ll-advertise thread. I’ll move to a “better” site when I feel like it. Get on topic, please, and give me some suggestions as to what kinds of tutorials you guys would like.

I’d like a tutorial for some of the key tools for wire and how to apply them to different contraptions. Also, maybe a little section on your favorite addons just to see what other people use most frequently these days. Your welcome.

Put up a guide showing how to use SVN.

I hate people who can’t use SVN. is good. Just make sure you host the videos somewhere else.

Thanks, Oppy and Topher, I’ll try to get that up as soon as possible.